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Make it a practice to inspect before you buy

You’ve spotted a “for sale” sign in front of a house that you really like, and suddenly you have the urge to talk to the homeowner or listing Realtor. But before you go knocking on the door, take a few minutes to pay close attention to the exterior of the home. Why the exterior? Because [MORE…]

5 Low cost upgrades, with potential High returns

When putting your house on the market, it is vital to have it shown in its best possible light. The key however, is figuring out how to achieve this without breaking the bank. Consumer Reports provides the following agenda, for finding that perfect balance. Freshen up the bath: $300-$1,000 Paint the rooms- selectively: $100 (DIY)-$1,000 [MORE…]

Home Security Tips for Vacationers

With summer wrapping up and kids heading back to school, August is traditionally a big vacation month.  With parents driving college students back to school or heading on one final vacation, homes are often left alone for a few days.  Here are some tips for keeping your home safe while you’re away: 1.  Ask for [MORE…]

Incorporate Summer Style Without Breaking Bank

While redecorating for each season can be exhausting and expensive, designers are finding new ways to update homes without being costly.  For summer, designers at westelm.com have suggested these easy room updates that will make your home feel like a summer retreat: 1.  Bring in the outdoors: Natural materials and textures make a room feel [MORE…]

Four Eco-Friendly Energy Projects for Your Home

Green energy is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners as it saves them money on monthly energy costs.  Changing your home’s energy source can be costly at first, but helps make your home smarter and more sustainable in the long term.  Here are some up-and-coming energy sources that help the environment and your wallet: 1.  Solar [MORE…]

Creating Your Own Dream Closet

Professionally organized closets can be one of the most beautiful rooms in your home– but bringing in a closet “decorator” can be costly.  Here are tips for creating your own dream closet: 1.  Declutter: Get rid of unwanted or unworn clothing.  If you haven’t worn it in the last year, chances are you won’t wear [MORE…]

Power Up: Choosing the Right Generator

Buffalo is known nationally for its snow and cold: residents know that at any time, a snow storm can come out of nowhere and hit them hard.  The 2006 October storm is proof of that– trees and power lines were knocked down by wind, heavy snow, and ice.  Since that time, Buffalonians have found ways [MORE…]