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Top tips for today’s home sellers

A recent article on Realtor.com provided some practical advice for homeowners looking to sell in the near future and get the most out of their home sale. Following is a brief recap of their helpful information: • Get the price right. Reaching for a price that’s well above market price for your area is a [MORE…]

Tips to turn ‘for sale’ into ‘sold’

Today we’ll conclude our recent series of articles in which we’ve recapped a story that first appeared on Forbes.com highlighting some easy tips for selling your home quickly and efficiently. If you like articles featuring helpful real estate tips, check back again soon because we’re always unearthing new stories! When attempting to sell a home [MORE…]

Multiple powers of attorney? Less is best

The role of the power of attorney — an individual authorized to act for another person in legal or financial matters — is an important one. And, it’s a role that we often encounter in real estate proceedings. A power of attorney may take responsibility for any number of decisions, including issues involving payment of [MORE…]

Easy tips will help turn ‘for sale’ into ‘sold’

Tips for selling your home quickly was the topic of a recent story on Forbes.com that we’ve been examining the past few weeks. Today we’ll review a few more of those tips that we hope will help you when you make the decision to post that “for sale” sign. • You know that honey-do list [MORE…]

Think you should FSBO? Five reasons to think again!

In today’s market, with home prices rising and a lack of inventory, some homeowners may consider trying to sell their home on their own, known in the industry as a For Sale by Owner (FSBO). There are several reasons why this might not be a good idea for the vast majority of sellers. Here are the top [MORE…]

Make a favorable impression on potential buyers

Today we’ll continue our recap of a recent Forbes.com article which offered multiple tips for preparing your home for sale. As they say in the article, “A few minor touch-ups can go a long way toward making a favorable impression on potential buyers.” • When preparing to show your house, remove personal items such as [MORE…]

Staging your home: The bathroom

Today we’ll continue our recent series on staging your home for sale, room by room, by stepping into the bathroom. Following are some tips for staging this well-used room, courtesy of a recent article on the real estate website “houselogic.” Obviously, no one wants to walk into a dirty or smelly bathroom, so scrub and [MORE…]

Food for thought: Staging the kitchen

Last week we took a look at some home staging tips from Houselogic.com that focused on the living room. Today we’ll examine a number of additional tips for that all important room — the kitchen! • Keep countertops clean and clear, the lone exception being a strategically placed vase of flowers or a bowl of [MORE…]

Hiring an estate liquidator should begin with a list of questions

You’ve been named an executor for a loved one and now you’re faced with liquidating that person’s belongings. That alone can be a difficult task, but it becomes even more daunting when a specific timeline is added to the equation. Hiring an experienced estate liquidation company can certainly provide some much needed relief and assistance, [MORE…]

Sell your home fast with these staging tips

If you’re a fan of any of the real estate “flipping” shows on television, you may have noticed that a common practice when selling a home is to “stage” the home to give prospective buyers a good idea of what it will look like with tables, furniture, artwork, etc. in place. A properly staged house [MORE…]