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More information on the niche community movement

Recently, we’ve been sharing information with you on the topic of unique niche retirement communities — communities where residents all share a common interest —that are gaining popularity across the country. Well, we’ve found some more interesting examples to share with you! The Wasserman Campus in California is run by the Motion Picture & Television [MORE…]

Retirement question: Should I stay or should I sell?

Perhaps you’ve recently retired, or maybe you’re counting down the days until the big event. If that’s the case … congratulations! At The Olear Team, we’re often approached by individuals contemplating their retirement years. Inevitably, the conversation turns to the big question: Should I stay in my home, or should I sell? Typically, it’s not [MORE…]

Olear Team plans housing seminars for older adults and caregivers

Has approaching your senior years raised questions regarding your current or future housing options? Or, perhaps you are caring for an older adult who needs to downsize and move into a more suitable living environment. If so, the Olear Team has three upcoming seminars planned that will help answer many of your questions and concerns. [MORE…]

Real estate shines as an investment in 2015

A survey by The Joint Center of Housing Studies at Harvard University reveals that when a family is buying a home they consider the financial benefits of homeownership along with the social benefits. The survey mentions things like: Paying rent does not make sense Homeownership provides a good financial opportunity Owning a home helps you building family wealth Buying [MORE…]

Baby boomers finding freedom in retirement

Within the next five years, Baby Boomers are projected to have the largest household growth of any other generation during that same time period, according to the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard. Let’s take a look at why… In a recent Merrill Lynch study, “Home in Retirement: More Freedom, New Choices,” they surveyed nearly 6,000 adults ages 21 [MORE…]

Is it time to downsize your home?

A recent study by Edelman Berland revealed that of homeowners who are contemplating selling their house in the near future 33 percent plan to scale down. Let’s look at a few reasons why that would make sense to many Americans. In a recent blog post, Dave Ramsey, the financial guru, discussed the advantages of selling your current house [MORE…]

Is qualifying for a mortgage getting easier?

There has been a lot of talk about how difficult it is to get a home mortgage in today’s lending environment. However, three recent reports have revealed that lending standards are beginning to ease. This is great news for both first time buyers and current homeowners looking to move or buy a second vacation/retirement home. [MORE…]

What are the leading reasons for up-sizing in Retirement?

Curious as to why recent retirees are looking to up-size their living space, as opposed to the common trend of downsizing? Check out the graphic below to see the predominate reasons for the upgrades.