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Tips for sellers: Upgrade the kitchen, downgrade the personal stuff

While the key to a man’s heart may be through his stomach, the key to selling a home is often through the kitchen! Do your countertops appear outdated? How about your appliances? If you answered yes, then it’s probably a good idea to spend a few dollars for an upgrade before putting the home on [MORE…]

Entire neighborhoods, home sellers, benefit from the efforts of nonprofit organizations

Preparing your home for sale may entail a little elbow grease to get the place into tip-top shape, or pretty close to it. But some of those repairs may require expensive tools that you don’t have and simply don’t want to invest in. There is an alternative — the University Heights Tool Library! According to [MORE…]

Primer is the key to a successful paint job

Behind every stunning paint job is the primer that lays beneath it. Primer ensures that the paint sticks to the walls and retains a uniform appearance throughout. Also, be sure to clean and repair any surfaces before applying the primer. From Home Depot: Step 1: Tint primer for best results Most primers can be tinted, [MORE…]

5 Low cost upgrades, with potential High returns

When putting your house on the market, it is vital to have it shown in its best possible light. The key however, is figuring out how to achieve this without breaking the bank. Consumer Reports provides the following agenda, for finding that perfect balance. Freshen up the bath: $300-$1,000 Paint the rooms- selectively: $100 (DIY)-$1,000 [MORE…]

5 Significant Home Improvements for Under $500

Thinking of home improvements that could be done around our homes is easy; but figuring out which ones will improve the look of the property- and for the right price- is the real challenge. Our friends at RISMedia have compiled a list of the top 5 home improvements for offering both appeal and return. To [MORE…]

Saving on Kitchen Renovations

From Zillow.com: Anyone with a kitchen that’s older than this century has probably entertained thoughts of a redo, although just mentally adding up the potential cash outlay may be enough to send the project straight to the back burner. But never fear: Careful shopping and creative money-saving strategies can help move a kitchen update from [MORE…]

Finding the Right Roofing Contractor

From Zillow.com: Spring brings to mind rituals of cleaning and planting, but it’s also the time of year when most homeowners decide what improvements they hope — or need — to make in the warmer months ahead. That list could include everything from a fresh coat of exterior paint to installing a new roof. If [MORE…]

Kennedy Home to Be Converted into “Mega-Mansion”

Late Senator Kennedy’s home is located on six acres over-looking the Potomac and is said to be a piece of history– so why is it being torn down and rebuilt as a “French chateau?” Even though Kennedy’s home was built on a gorgeous piece of land, the structure itself is seen as a tear down, [MORE…]

How to Choose the Best Contractor

We’ve all heard it– horror stories about contractors who cost huge amounts of money, who ruin or abandon projects, who end up being frauds.  So how do you insure that the builder you hire doesn’t take advantage of you and your money?  For one thing, don’t sign a contract until you have every detail written out– [MORE…]

Creating the Perfect Outdoor Room

Backyards aren’t just for vegetable gardens anymore.  Beautiful outdoor spaces are becoming more and more popular around the country.  Homeowners want to create the perfect ‘outdoor room’ that will allow them to enjoy their time outside the walls of their home, while feeling simultaneously that what they have outside is just an extension of what’s [MORE…]