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5 Low cost upgrades, with potential High returns

When putting your house on the market, it is vital to have it shown in its best possible light. The key however, is figuring out how to achieve this without breaking the bank. Consumer Reports provides the following agenda, for finding that perfect balance. Freshen up the bath: $300-$1,000 Paint the rooms- selectively: $100 (DIY)-$1,000 [MORE…]

Tips for Maintaining your Deck this Summer

Decks are long-lasting additions to your home, and can add to the value of your property if you ever decide to sell. Keeping your deck in tip-top shape can extend its lifespan, and save you money in the long term. Whether you need just a quick touch-up, or a complete overhaul; follow these easy steps [MORE…]

Top 10 Lawn and Garden Projects for Spring

Are you a garden enthusiast, or even just a proactive do-it-yourselfer that wants to get a leg-up on weeds and other lawn nuisances this spring? If so, check out this quick video clip from The Home Depot! It covers everything from; effective lawn seeding techniques, to when is the best time for shaping shrubs and [MORE…]

Enhance & Extend the service life of your Outdoor Furniture

With Memorial Day this past weekend, many of you may have broken out your lawn furniture for the first time this year. With the harsh and unpredictable weather we are accustomed to here in Buffalo; wear-and-tear on outdoor fixtures is virtually unavoidable. Check out these quick and easy tips from Zillow.com on how to get [MORE…]

Tips from Lowe’s for creating a Destination Deck

Spring is here at last, and Summer is right around the corner (we hope). Following one of the most brutal winters in recent memory, folks are looking for just about any excuse to spend the weekends outdoors. Check out these 8 creative ways to make your deck the place to be this summer.