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You have the keys, so now what? A step-by-step real estate guide for executors

If you have been nominated as the executor of an estate that includes real estate or perhaps you find yourself in a place where you will be exercising a power of attorney for another person, there are some initial steps that are important to know when it comes to residential real estate. It’s a good [MORE…]

How to become executor of an estate after a death

Have you ever wondered how to become executor of an estate after a death of a close friend or loved one? While we’ve written in the past about the important role an executor plays in securing, managing and liquidating the estate of a beloved friend or family member, this is one topic we’ve yet to tackle. [MORE…]

Helpful tips for the executor

The road to successfully fulfilling the role of executor is often filled with potholes. Still, the law establishes clear procedures and time frames that must be met with respect to assets and liabilities left behind by the deceased individual. Following are some tips to help guide you through this difficult process. In addition to handling [MORE…]

Examining the executor’s role in managing and selling the home

Last week we talked a bit about the role of the executor, specifically in regards to securing the assets of the estate. Today we’ll stay on topic but switch our focus to managing and selling the home. As you begin to go through the home, you’re likely to find a lot of paperwork left behind [MORE…]

Is there a benefit to having multiple executors?

The role of the executor is an important one. An executor is responsible for paying final debts, distributing the remaining assets to family members, making decisions to achieve these goals on behalf of the deceased and, in many cases, selling real estate and its contents. With all those responsibilities, you might think it’s wise to [MORE…]

Geriatric care managers can help seniors prepare to downsize and move

It happens to thousands of people across the country every year — reaching the point where you have to help an older friend or family member downsize and move. Fortunately, there are trained professionals who can help us through these difficult life situations. These professionals are known as geriatric care managers, individuals with a professional [MORE…]

Choose the correct person to conduct your estate sale

Close family members and executors are often charged with the difficult but necessary task of liquidating the belongings of a loved one. While it’s not a simple task, it can be made much easier with the assistance of an experienced estate liquidator. During an estate sale, property ranging from household items to valuable family heirlooms [MORE…]

Olear Team plans informational seminars for older adults and caregivers

Michael Olear, a licensed real estate broker and member of the Olear Team at MJ Peterson, will present two educational seminars at Crestmount Senior Apartments, 285 Crestmount Ave., Tonawanda, in May and June. The seminars are open to the community and focus on real estate topics relevant to older adults and their loved ones and [MORE…]

First Steps for Executor to Secure a Home – Part 2 of 2

This is part two of a two part series that provides a practical checklist for early stage activities for an executor who is charged with managing and selling residential real property and its contents. In the first part, we looked at some steps to secure the asset and in this segment; we will review immediate [MORE…]

First Steps for an Executor to Secure a Home – Part 1 of 2

One of the most difficult real estate related challenges for an individual is acting as executor for a deceased person who owned and occupied residential property. Notwithstanding the emotional burden created by the loss of a loved one, there are also the new responsibilities of settling debts, liquefying assets and overseeing distribution of proceeds to [MORE…]