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Estate planning in the digital age

As if the job of executor wasn’t difficult enough, along comes the digital age to complicate things even further. Yes, estate planning in the digital age brings with it a variety of new concerns and responsibilities. For example, will your social media platforms continue to live on long after you’re gone? It’s definitely something to [MORE…]

What is limited power of attorney in real estate?

You’ve likely heard the term “power of attorney” used before, but what does it mean in relationship to real estate? Basically, limited power of attorney in real estate gives the appointed individual the power to make decision for and act in the best interest of another individual. As the name implies, giving someone power of [MORE…]

Selling an inherited house: Are you ready to ride the emotional rollercoaster?

When a loved one passes away, it can be an extremely difficult time for those left to mourn his or her passing. If that person owned a house or property, you may find yourself on the receiving end of an inheritance. Selling an inherited house can certainly add to what is already an emotional rollercoaster, [MORE…]

How long does an executor have to settle an estate?

It’s a reasonable question: How long does an executor have to settle an estate? The answer is also fairly straightforward: An executor can take as long as needed to settle the estate as long as he or she is fulfilling their obligations and hasn’t just walked away from the responsibility for an unreasonable amount of [MORE…]

Appointing an executor of estate

Whether you call this individual an executor or a personal representative, the responsibilities are the same. Appointing an executor of estate means selecting an individual who will carry out any details relating to your last will and testament. Typical responsibilities of an executor might include: Collecting, recording and safeguarding your assets. Paying your debts, expenses, [MORE…]

Let’s Talk Real Estate Power of Attorney

In our industry, the phrase real estate power of attorney is one we hear quite often. Typically, there are two types of power of attorney in real estate: General and limited power of attorney. When someone has general power of attorney, they can basically do anything the principal can do. The principal is the individual [MORE…]

Creating a useful estate executor checklist

When an individual dies, it’s not uncommon for a will to be left behind that appoints an executor to liquidate and close the remaining estate. Being an executor can be time-consuming due to a plethora of legal responsibilities. While no two estates are exactly the same, we’ve compiled an estate executor checklist to help guide [MORE…]

Appointing an executor after death of friend or loved one

Today, we will examine the process of appointing an executor after death. In a high percentage of cases, an executor of an estate is named in the will left behind by a deceased individual. However, there are some cases where an executor is not named, and yet other scenarios where there is no will left [MORE…]

Executor of estate fees: Does an executor receive payment?

Executor of estate fees: Does an executor receive payment? Being an executor of an estate requires a strong commitment to working on behalf of the estate and its beneficiaries. Depending on the overall size and value of the estate, an executor can serve for months or even years! It’s a tremendous responsibility that involves not only [MORE…]

Selling a house for someone else

If you ever find yourself in the role of executor or power of attorney for a dear friend or family member, there’s a very strong likelihood that you’ll be required to sort through many years of accumulation and become responsible for selling a house for someone else. While you should be applauded for taking on [MORE…]