6 Tips to revamp your outdoor space for Summer

Whether you are social distancing or having company over, you are bound to be making some use out of your backyard this summer. Here are some tips on how to revamp your outdoor space!

Maintain landscape
It might sound obvious, but having a kept lawn is the first step towards functionality and a clean cut foundation. Xeriscape is a great cost effective alternative that all utilizes vegetation while requiring considerably much less water and effort to upkeep. 

Whether it’s vegetables or flowers, taking some time to garden can be as rewarding as it is enjoyable. Hanging plants are a viable option if you are limited on space, or create a vertical garden by drilling planter pots into a wooden pallet and lean it against your siding or fence. Add a water fountain for some extra decor, or DIY your own using galvanized buckets or watering cans.

Give the framework a face-lift
Clean off and consider painting the cement on your front or back porch or lay out an outdoor rug. Sand off rust from railings and take a day to stain your deck if you have one.

In addition to your standard porch and garage lights, there are endless ways to illuminate your outdoor space to use it further into the evening. Create some ambiance with fairy lights, candles or torches; real or fake. Solar lights come in wide style varieties and rope lights can be used to create or outline a path.

Patio furniture is not just great for entertaining guests, but also expands your functional quarters. From a simple table and umbrella to a full outdoor dining set you can enjoy the nice weather and a home cooked meal simultaneously. Set up a station to grill and utilize a portable bar or an inexpensive kitchen cart for serving snacks and drinks. There are also several ways to build your own seating and tables with scrap pieces or up-cycling old furniture.

Storable games are a hit for entertaining guests, such as horseshoes and corn-hole. Set up a backyard theater with comfy seating, a projector, and a screen or white sheet tacked up to the roof. Create a warm place to gather at night with a store bought fire pit or DIY your own with easy to find supplies such as cinder blocks. Aside from already having an above ground or in-ground pool, you can build a small pool area with a stock tank or for a more advanced challenge with wooden pallets.

The Resurrection of Industrial Design

The Resurrection of Industrial Design

As trends cycle through the ages, interior design styles are due to repeat and resurrect ideas of the past. Industrial elements such as Edison bulbs and exposed brick are currently the most popular style in the U.S., indicated by internet searches being studied by a furniture company called Joybird. 

According to this research, Joybird categorized 18  distinctive design style searches. Industrial styles topped the charts as the most searched style in 12 different states. The next leading style, vintage, only ranked highest in 6 states search logs.

Some states follow trends that compliment the surrounding culture, such as Florida and California sharing coastal influence. Other states had more surprising results, for example Louisiana showed very little interest in French country style contradicting its founding French history. 

Taking a look at the country at whole, a visual of these trends can be created. The South in general favors shabby chic, whereas the more west you move transitions into minimalism and industrial, continuing Northwest. The Northeast promotes a classic vintage style, and the remaining states in the Midwest hold the highest real estate in the industrial category. For sellers looking to curate interest from potential buyers, playing into these regional trends will be key in staging a house accordingly.

Stage your home for a higher potential payout

Stage your home for a higher potential payout

NEW OLEAR BANNERIf you like to watch those popular television shows about fixer-uppers and house flipping, you’re probably already familiar with “staging” a home when putting it on the market.

Staging a house is an effort to make your home look as appealing as possible during the sale process. For a cost, a staging company will fill your home with top-of-the-line furniture and accessories to enhance its overall appearance and help you obtain the best sale price.

Even individuals with a good imagination can have a difficult time imagining the overall layout and flow of a home when faced with a bunch of empty rooms. Home staging eliminates the guesswork while also painting a beautiful picture for potential home buyers.

Additionally, an experienced home stager may also offer advice, such as removing wallpaper if he or she thinks a fresh coat of paint might look more appealing, or repairing cracks or holes that you may simply overlook. Please note that home staging will not conceal your home’s flaws, so don’t think you’re going to fool the inspector.

The final cost of staging will correspond directly to the size of the home. Staging a condo, for example, will likely be less expensive than staging an entire house.

Research indicates that homes that are staged sell much more quickly than the unstaged home. In most cases, it’s money extremely well spent.

For more information on staging your home, please contact the real estate professionals at The Olear Team today for a consultation!

Proper staging will result in a quicker sale

Proper staging will result in a quicker sale

NEW Olear cover photoIf you’re in the process of selling a home, there are some common sense steps that can help ensure a quick sale.

First, think about how people are currently searching for available homes. Answer: The internet! Before you post your property online — hopefully with the assistance of an experience Realtor — be sure you have some exceptional photos to accompany your descriptive copy. While a picture says a thousand words, those words can be less than flattering if your photos are showing a cluttered, outdated home. Photos need to be clear and appealing. If you know a professional photographer or someone who has a knack for taking outstanding photographs, this may be the time to call in a favor!

Proper staging of the home is also a necessity if the goal is to see that “For Sale” sign change to a “Sold” sign in the shortest period of time. Easy upgrades like a thorough cleaning and a fresh coat of paint will go a long way. If your furniture and accents have seen better days, you may want to consult with a professional staging company that can give your home a fresh new look with the strategic placement of a handful of eye-catching pieces.

Remember that any additional effort you put into your sale will almost always be rewarded in the end. For more information on preparing your home for a quick and financially satisfying sale, please contact The Olear Team today!

5 Significant Home Improvements for Under $500

Thinking of home improvements that could be done around our homes is easy; but figuring out which ones will improve the look of the property- and for the right price- is the real challenge. Our friends at RISMedia have compiled a list of the top 5 home improvements for offering both appeal and return. To read the article in its entirety click here; the abbreviated list is as follows:

  1. Improve curb appeal
  2. Paint the front door
  3. Paint the interior walls
  4. Update the lighting
  5. Install new toilets