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Examining the credit score needed to buy a home

You’ve made the decision to buy a house, but will a mortgage lender make the decision to provide you with a loan? Many factors go into that equation, including the credit score needed to buy a home. A mortgage lender will, of course, look at your overall income, debt and savings when making a decision [MORE…]

First time home owner tips

Sometimes, a good tip can be worth it’s weight in gold! With that in mind, here are some first time home owner tips that we hope will help you through what can be a complex real estate process. First time home owner tips The earlier you save, the better. While it’s fairly typical to make [MORE…]

Credit score needed to buy a home

You’ve found the home of your dreams, you have some money saved up for a downpayment and your employment history has been steady. So far, so good. But how is your credit history? Have you ever thought about the credit score needed to buy a home? We certainly hope you have! Obtaining a mortgage loan [MORE…]

Do I need a realtor to buy a house?

It’s a pretty straightforward question: Do I need a Realtor to buy a house? While the answer is no, you don’t, there are plenty of reasons why you should! So, if you’re asking the question, do I need a Realtor to buy a house, consider the benefits of using a Realtor: A Realtor will guide [MORE…]

Multiple home buying programs offer incentives for first-time homebuyers

Did you know that there are several home buying programs designed to offer financial assistance to first-time homebuyers? Let’s look at a few of them, and what makes them different. Home buying programs EEM (Energy-efficient mortgage) loans, insured through the FHA or VA program, allow the homebuyer to create an energy efficient home (new windows, [MORE…]

Let’s talk about the home buying process

Is it time? Are you ready to purchase a home? If so, the home buying process can, admittedly, be a little difficult to navigate at times, but with the right Realtor at your side, it can actually be a fun and exciting adventure! First, ask yourself a question: Is buying right for you, or would [MORE…]

Your roadmap to buying a starter home

Sooner or later, we all reach that point in time when we’re ready to take that big step known as homeownership, and that likely means buying a starter home. But what is your ideal starter home? Is it, perhaps, a condo or a townhouse? Or is it a smaller home that’s the perfect size for [MORE…]

How much money do I need to buy a house?

The house hunt is on! You’ve narrowed down your search to a couple of neighborhoods and have started visiting open house events to make comparisons. Now it’s time to get serious by asking yourself a very serious question: How much money do I need to buy a house? What you can afford is based on [MORE…]

Breaking down the home buying process

Searching for and eventually purchasing a home can be a very exciting time in anyone’s life. But before you actually begin the home buying process, there are a few things you should know. Here are some practical tips from The Olear Team: The home buying process Save for a down payment. You’ll want to have some [MORE…]

Searching for the best: The first time home buyer Realtor

If you’re a first time home buyer, there are many things going through your head right now. Atop that list might be: how does a first time home buyer select a Realtor? Good question! We’ve compiled a list of things to look for — and avoid — when searching for a Realtor or real estate agent [MORE…]