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How to sell your old home to young buyers

Let’s face it … we’re not getting any younger. And at some point, the time will come for a generation of Baby Boomers to sell their homes. While these homes have served us greatly for many years — perhaps many decades — will they appeal to today’s young, tech-savvy consumers? In 2018, 43 percent of [MORE…]

Happy Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for?

On Tuesday, Nov. 20, James Conley, a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson and partner at The Olear Team at MJ Peterson, will join other volunteers at Buffalo’s City Mission for the organization’s annual Turkey Drop. Located at 100 E. Tupper St. In Buffalo, the City Mission provides meals, shelter, educational assistance and spiritual guidance for those [MORE…]

Some ‘upgrades’ can downgrade the value of your home

If you’re in your home for any length of time, at some point thoughts of renovations will race across your mind. But did you know there are some renovations that are better left on the drawing board, especially if you might be selling your house at some point in the future? Following are some renovations [MORE…]

Post-retirement life: Is home-sharing in your future?

One fact that everyone can agree on is that America is aging. And while it’s true that Americans are living longer than ever before, one negative to come out of that situation is that it comes with a financial cost as many seniors are simply outliving their savings. As a result, some seniors are forced [MORE…]

What do top Realtors do differently?

While there are a lot of individuals working in real estate, there’s actually just a small percentage of agents who are making what the population would consider to be a great salary. Being a Realtor is hard work and takes a tremendous amount of dedication and effort to make it to the top. So what [MORE…]

Helping community — from social work to selling homes

By Jim Bisco “For us, it’s about helping people.” That’s the value statement of Olear Team/MJ Peterson Real Estate, a phrase that characterizes the team leader’s inclination since his social work pursuit four decades ago. “Helping people has always been important to me. I’ve always felt gratifed doing that,” explained Michael Olear, MSW ’84. After [MORE…]

Tips for a clean closing

Do you know what to expect when you enter the final stage of your real estate transaction, known as the closing? While laws and requirements can differ from state to state, following are some tips to help ensure a clean closing. Be prepared. Listen to your Realtor and real estate attorney and bring all necessary documentation [MORE…]

Movies every real estate agent should watch

What are your plans this weekend? Want to catch a movie? If so, check out these movies every real estate agent should watch at least once! The Big Short: The film’s story brought the horrors of the bubble burst to the big screen. Glengarry Glen Ross: Regarded as one of the best films of all [MORE…]

Reviewing your personal finance checklist at 50

Congratulations, you’ve reached and surpassed the half century mark! Today, let’s take a look at your personal finance checklist at 50 and some tips for future financial success. Stop being a borrower and focus on becoming a saver! Thinking of retiring some day? You might want to start by contacting the Social Security Administration to [MORE…]

Keep safe from real estate fraud

Chances are, your real estate transaction — while often time-consuming and complicated — will be completed without incident. But like any other industry, there are instances of real estate fraud. Following are some tips on how to avoid circumstances that may not be in your best interest. The most common cases of mortgage fraud are [MORE…]