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House-sharing could be a golden opportunity to age in place

Back in the mid 1980s, American television viewers were introduced to The Golden Girls, four fun-loving and aging women — still young at heart — who shared a home in Miami and, of course, got themselves into hilarious situations episode after episode. While the ladies would often get on each other’s nerves, their living situation [MORE…]

Preventing falls in the home starts from the ground up

According to the National Aging in Place Council, more than 90 percent of older adults would prefer to age in their current house or apartment rather the move into any type of senior housing. In order to achieve this with peace of mind and safety, there are a variety of steps to be taken to [MORE…]

Let’s talk to mom or dad about selling the family house

Look around mom or dad’s house and it’s clear to see that it’s filled with memories and emotions. From photos on the walls to growth notches in the kids’ bedrooms, a house is so much more than just another building. For many families, a day will come when the only person remaining in the large [MORE…]

You have the keys, so now what? A step-by-step real estate guide for executors

If you have been nominated as the executor of an estate that includes real estate or perhaps you find yourself in a place where you will be exercising a power of attorney for another person, there are some initial steps that are important to know when it comes to residential real estate. It’s a good [MORE…]

Is it time to ask an elderly loved one to explore new housing options?

Keeping our older loved ones safe and happy is a high priority for many of us, but when giving up the family home is part of the discussion, there’s often a stiff resistance to change and explore senior housing options. Because a house contains so many cherished memories, talk of any change can become emotional. [MORE…]

Condos with services are emerging

Service enriched condominium and co-op projects are beginning to surface in large markets in Illinois, Texas, Virginia and California with a particularly high concentration in the Chicago area. We have come to expect a monthly fee associated with a condominium that pays for capital improvements, exterior maintenance and common insurance, however, in this newly developed [MORE…]

Choosing A Retirement Community

Facing the question “what retirement community suits me best?” can carry with it tremendous stress for people who are in their later years. Deciding on the best community for you is made more complicated by the seemingly endless number of options that are available. With the right amount of research and knowledge it can be [MORE…]

ECHO housing: an alternative for seniors?

As the percentage of seniors in our population grows, we need to be looking for alternatives to what we have always done to accommodate this rapidly growing segment of our population. The National Institute on Aging reports that the number of our “oldest old – those over age 85” will more than triple by the [MORE…]

Focus on safety and ease of use

If you are thinking about adding an in-law quarters or renovating a space that will be occupied by an elder either in their home or in yours, choosing the right floor can affect comfort, health, and well-being. The rapid growth of our senior population in our country is a much publicized fact – by 2020, [MORE…]

Shared housing for seniors is a degree of need – Part 2

Part 2of 2: In our first article in this series, we discussed the growing attractiveness of shared housing for seniors. Shared housing pairs or places roommates into a home with seniors. This type of housing offers companionship, financial help, and the ability to “age in place.” Shared housing is growing more popular across the country, [MORE…]