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Selling your home? Consult a real estate agent

Selling a house looks easy, right? You just put a sign in the front yard and wait for interest to build and offers to come rolling in. Of course, it’s much more difficult than that, yet some people still insist on trying the “for sale by owner” route. In the end, most regret that decision [MORE…]

Tips for a clean closing

Do you know what to expect when you enter the final stage of your real estate transaction, known as the closing? While laws and requirements can differ from state to state, following are some tips to help ensure a clean closing. Be prepared. Listen to your Realtor and real estate attorney and bring all necessary documentation [MORE…]

Movies every real estate agent should watch

What are your plans this weekend? Want to catch a movie? If so, check out these movies every real estate agent should watch at least once! The Big Short: The film’s story brought the horrors of the bubble burst to the big screen. Glengarry Glen Ross: Regarded as one of the best films of all [MORE…]

Interior design tips to increase home resale value

If you’re selling your home, you want it to look its best for potential buyers. With a few easy tips, anyone can become an overnight interior designer. Following are some interior design tips to increase home resale value. Make a memorable first impression. You can do this by cleaning up the yard, cutting the lawn, [MORE…]

Tips on selling an old home

Whether you’re ready to upgrade to your dream house or downsize to a smaller home, selling your current house is priority number one. While your older home might have lots of character, it also might need some serious upgrades if you hope to achieve the most on the open market. Following are some tips on [MORE…]

Reviewing your personal finance checklist at 50

Congratulations, you’ve reached and surpassed the half century mark! Today, let’s take a look at your personal finance checklist at 50 and some tips for future financial success. Stop being a borrower and focus on becoming a saver! Thinking of retiring some day? You might want to start by contacting the Social Security Administration to [MORE…]

Estate planning in the digital age

As if the job of executor wasn’t difficult enough, along comes the digital age to complicate things even further. Yes, estate planning in the digital age brings with it a variety of new concerns and responsibilities. For example, will your social media platforms continue to live on long after you’re gone? It’s definitely something to [MORE…]

Etiquette every home seller should know

How’s your etiquette? Sorry, we’re not talking about drinking a cup of tea with your pinkie finger extended. Today we’re going to talk about etiquette that every home seller should know. Following are some helpful hints courtesy of our friends at realtor.com: Leave … and take your pets with you. You hired a Realtor to [MORE…]

Keep safe from real estate fraud

Chances are, your real estate transaction — while often time-consuming and complicated — will be completed without incident. But like any other industry, there are instances of real estate fraud. Following are some tips on how to avoid circumstances that may not be in your best interest. The most common cases of mortgage fraud are [MORE…]

What is limited power of attorney in real estate?

You’ve likely heard the term “power of attorney” used before, but what does it mean in relationship to real estate? Basically, limited power of attorney in real estate gives the appointed individual the power to make decision for and act in the best interest of another individual. As the name implies, giving someone power of [MORE…]