The Resurrection of Industrial Design

The Resurrection of Industrial Design

As trends cycle through the ages, interior design styles are due to repeat and resurrect ideas of the past. Industrial elements such as Edison bulbs and exposed brick are currently the most popular style in the U.S., indicated by internet searches being studied by a furniture company called Joybird. 

According to this research, Joybird categorized 18  distinctive design style searches. Industrial styles topped the charts as the most searched style in 12 different states. The next leading style, vintage, only ranked highest in 6 states search logs.

Some states follow trends that compliment the surrounding culture, such as Florida and California sharing coastal influence. Other states had more surprising results, for example Louisiana showed very little interest in French country style contradicting its founding French history. 

Taking a look at the country at whole, a visual of these trends can be created. The South in general favors shabby chic, whereas the more west you move transitions into minimalism and industrial, continuing Northwest. The Northeast promotes a classic vintage style, and the remaining states in the Midwest hold the highest real estate in the industrial category. For sellers looking to curate interest from potential buyers, playing into these regional trends will be key in staging a house accordingly.

Buffalo Society of Artists Virtual Exhibit

The Buffalo Society of Artists group exhibit that was set to open this month at the Carnegie Art Center has been transformed into the groups first ever cyber exhibition! In cooperation with their host, the two groups have set up virtual galleries to view in the comfort of your own home available through May 7th.

The complementary online exhibit can be found on the Buffalo Society of Artists website, along with the Carnegie Art Center’s Facebook page and website. Each of the 45 artists’ information can be found attached to the images in the gallery, and the award winning submissions can be found here!

Help Save Buffalo’s Old Buildings – The 1850 Project

Preservation Buffalo Niagara (BPN) recently acquired a survey performed by Buffalo’s Preservation Community back in 1996 identifying structures built prior to 1860 in the City of Buffalo. They are seeking volunteers who will receive training to help investigate and research  the history of these buildings to search for anything that will earn them preservation rights. 

The survey noted approximately 215 of them, with the oldest dating back to 1818. Upon inspection and further research nearly 25 years later, roughly 30% of these structures are no longer standing. Of the structures that remain intact, upwards of 80% have no historic designation or protection from the same fate.  This loss is what inspired the BPN to focus on this conservation program, initiating “The 1850 Project”. 

“We are so excited to pick up this project and finally give these structures the preservation protections and designations they deserve” said Jessie Fisher, executive director of Preservation Buffalo Niagara.

Questions may be directed to Preservation Buffalo Niagara at 716-852-3330 or [email protected]