Things to Do in Buffalo This Weekend

Friday, May 30

Buffalo Greek Fest (goes to June 1), Hellenic Orthodox Church Of the Annunciation

Buffalove Fest, Buffalo Zoo

Saturday, May 31

Hotel Lafayette Tour & Lunch, Hotel Lafayette

Quality Arts and Crafts Show (goes to June 1), Niawanda Park Along the River

Rod Stewart & Santana, First Niagara Center

Sunday, June 1

Buffalo Bisons vs. Syracuse Chiefs, Coca-Cola Field

Prints, Poems & Prose: Creative Writing & Bookmaking Workshop for Teens, WNY Book Arts Center


Things to Do in Buffalo this Weekend

Friday, May 23

1st Annual Music Quarium, Tralf Music Hall

Star Spangled Pops!, Kleinhans Music Hall

Sterling: Tribute to Elvis Presley, Lancaster Opera House

Saturday, May 24

Queen City of Buffalo Hula Hoopathon, Buffalo State College Student Union

Death and the Maiden, Manny Fried Playhouse

Sutnday, May 25

Buffalo Pride Week, Various Locations

Trek Tifft, Tifft Nature Preserve

Applying for a Mortgage? Here’s What You Need

1.  Full tax returns for two years to prove that your income was consistent.

2.  Two most recent pay stubs so that your lender can approve you based on your current salary.

3.  Financial statements for the past two months to see what you can access in an emergency.

4.  Photo ID.

5.  Signed sale contract.

6.  Proof of homeowner’s insurance.

7.  Written verification of your position and salary on company letterhead.

8.  Cancelled rent or utility checks to show that you make payments on time.

9.  Gift letters if someone is making a financial contribution to your closing costs or down payment.

10.  1099 forms if you are self-employed.


Protecting Your Credit Score While Moving


Packing up and moving can be challenging. With so many things to remember and do, it is easy to place thoughts about your credit’s well-being in the background. Moving will occasionally be part of your life story, and there are ways to approach this new chapter — and protect your credit score in the process.

Notify your creditors

Notifying your creditors that you will have an address change may take some time, but it helps ensure all bills and correspondence are sent to the right location. Otherwise, you can run the risk of paying a bill later or missing the payment entirely. Your on-time payments are a key factor in determining your credit score. Visit your local post office or the United States Postal Service’s website to have your mail forwarded.

Give yourself time

If you are relocating with your current company, or have a new job lined up, notify your employer of how long you think it will take you to move to and get settled in your new location. Moving is a big thing. Make sure you give yourself ample time to make the adjustment. Proper planning and enough time can give you pause to circle back and check off all the essentials that can possibly affect your credit score, such as making sure that home security, newspaper, mail, utility and cell provider services have been turned off or forwarded.

Sell your old furniture or buy new?

There is always that temptation to stock your new home or apartment with new furniture. Many stores offer attractive financing options that make owning new furniture a possibility. Just keep in mind that having too many sources pull your credit in a short period may have a negative impact on your credit score. In addition, if you plan on buying new furniture, give yourself plenty of time to sell the furniture you no longer need.

Monitor your credit report

There are still identity thieves who do not mind going through someone else’s garbage to steal personal information, such as utility bills, credit cards, medical insurance information and bank statements. There is always a possibility, even though you have canceled services, that mail containing your personal information will find its way to your prior address. Monitoring your credit report can help you stay on the alert for key changes to your report that may indicate identity theft.

Will Buffalo Be Wilkommen a Hofbräuhaus?

Will Buffalo Be Wilkommen a Hofbräuhaus?

2014-03-21 09.28.20

Fans of German beer and food, rejoice!  It seems that Hofbräuhaus, a world famous Bavarian brewery, will be coming to downtown Buffalo in the near future.  This from the Buffalo News:

“Plans call for a 600-seat traditional beer hall, with long wooden tables and benches. Servers wearing Bavarian-style dirndls and lederhosen will serve imported German beer from giant glass mugs. Musicians will perform live German music every night and many weekday afternoons. The menu will mostly feature traditional German dishes but also offer some local fare.

An outdoor biergarten will be capable of seating another 300 people.”

A location has yet to be finalized, but it seems that the restaurant will open downtown.