America’s Snowiest Colleges

America’s Snowiest Colleges

Check out this list of America’s 10  Snowiest Colleges and their average annual snowfall.  Of course, many of these schools have exceeded these averages in years past (especially #1).  Note that four of the ten are in Central/Western New York!


10.  University of Alaska Fairbanks: 62 inches

9.    Cornell University: 65 inches

8.   Western Michigan University: 67 inches

7.  Southern New Hampshire University: 69 inches

6.  University of Vermont: 81 inches

5.  University of Minnesota Duluth: 86 inches

4.  University at Buffalo:  94 inches

3.  University of Rochester: 99 inches

2.  Syracuse University: 124 inches

1.  Michigan Technical University: 200 inches; in 2000-2001, the university received 303 inches!!!

Tragic Real Estate Photos

Tragic Real Estate Photos

Have you ever been looking at homes online only to come across some really horrible photos of a home?  Check out some truly criminal photo mistakes that real estate agents make:

1.  Photos With Date Stamps


Date stamps are a thing of the past and distract from what should be the focal point: the home!  They also let buyers know exactly when the picture was taken, making the home look dated or undesirable.

2.  Crooked Photos


Is the house crooked, or is it just my imagination?  Crooked photos show that the listing agent has not taken the time to market the home.  Most photo editors today allow you to straighten crooked photos, too!

3.  Blurry Photos


Once again, this shows that the agent has not taken the time to show off the home.  This makes me a little dizzy, too.

The Perfect Storm



Love the mirror.

Spring Set to Be a Buyers’ Market

National home values rose just .2% in January, which is the smallest monthly increase since May 2012.  Nationwide inventory gains occured in areas hit hardest by the recession.  These same markets experienced a cooldown of market values, as higher inventories meant that home values went down.

Buyers look to have more leverage this year, with more choice and less competition.  This helps the market become more balanced and hopefully, leads to a “back to normal” market.

Austria Wins Solar Decathlon 2013

Austria Wins Solar Decathlon 2013


Last week we posted about local teams being selected for the 2015 Solar Decathlon.  Today, we’ll show you just what it takes to make a winning team:

A group of Austrian students from the Vienna University of Technology won the 2013 Decathlon– a competition to design and build the most cost-effective, energy-efficient and attractive solar powered house.  It took the group of Austrians three semesters to develop their house, which is completely powered by solar energy and also has an atrium.

Read more about the winning house here.